About STYLI ® Beauty & Health

STYLI Beauty&Health is a natural beauty company based in New York City. Founded in 2017, STYLI has been on the forefront in producing products that help people improve their lives. The company is committed to producing organic products that enhance natural beauty through consistent results.

STYLI is dedicated to producing products that are purely organic, and free of toxic chemicals, nonharmful and generally user-friendly. In essence, our products help you bring out your beauty without any side effects. The main goal of STYLI is to encourage people to embrace their beauty. All the products we produce help users find their inner beauty, stay healthy, and active. The dedication to producing products that help the customers feel confident and special is one thing that STYLI has perfected.

Everybody is naturally beautiful, and natural beauty should be supported. At STYLI, we believe that the core of beauty is not only in appearance but also in health, energy, and beautiful life experiences. Therefore, we are dedicated to providing holistic beauty and health solutions to all people. We provide products that cater to personal health and natural skin care to enhance the overall beauty of an individual. Our products include natural teas, relaxation solutions, energy tuning solutions, and most importantly, amazing tested and proven topical solutions.

STYLI Beauty & Health was founded by Yuliya, an experienced natural beauty expert. According to Yuliya, the market is flooded with skin care products that do not pay attention to the overall health of the user.

Meet Yuliya

Yuliya is an experienced holistic medicine specialist. She specializes in skin care formulations, health coaching, fitness, and nutrition. With her experience in the industry, Yuliya felt the desire to start a company that could provide holistic health and beauty products. In 2017, Yuliya founded STYLI Beauty&Health. Yuliya says that her main goal was to empower people to live a fulfilling life by discovering their beauty.

“My main aim is to inspire all people to live happy, healthy, and beautiful lives. These are the things that inspire me most and gave me the motivation to start STYLI Beauty&Health. It is my love for people, nature, and my passion for beauty that makes me wake up every morning to try and create something helpful for everyone.”

Yuliya is the number one fan of STYLI Beauty&Health products. She says that she does not sell any product that she has not used in person.

“I hold a special place for my customers in my heart. I will never sell to them any product that I have not used personally. I use all the products I sell on myself since I know they are quality. In my world, STYLI Beauty&Health is not just a business. I connect with people through my products. I get the chance to share my personal experiences with the world. I have to share all the things I discover with my customers so that they can gain the most from my products. ”

Every product you buy from STYLI offers more than just beauty solutions. You get extra tips, guidelines, and advice to help you in achieving holistic beauty and health.

Yuliya Styli

Dedication to the Community

Besides the fact that STYLI offers quality health and beauty products, it is also dedicated to the welfare of the community. Through a cooperative initiative, STYLI donates 10 percent of each sale to charity. We have been working with Helen Keller International Foundation to ensure that our support reaches the needy in the society. We believe that we exist because we receive support from the community. Therefore, it is our duty to do the same. When you purchase any of our products, you also extend your support to the world.

We also believe that nature should be conserved. Beauty can only be attained in a natural environment. We strongly advocate for animal rights and discourage animal testing. We believe that animals must be protected from misguided scientific experiments by all means.


Although STYLI is based in New York, it operates throughout the US. We provide products to all our valuable customers through online platforms. We ship to all the state in the U.S free of charge. Given that we aim at providing affordable holistic beauty products, we try to make the process as simple as possible. Feel free to talk to us for inquiries.